St George Antiochian Orthodox Church
Lowell, Massachusetts

Epiphany of  Our Saviour

Blessed Epiphany!


When Thou, O Lord, wast baptized in the
Jordan, worship of the Trinity wast made
manifest; for the voice of the Father bore
witness to Thee, calling Thee His beloved
Son. And the Spirit in the likeness of a dove
confirmed the truth of His word. O Christ our
God, Who hast appeared and enlightened the
world, glory to Thee.

Welcome Back!!!!

Sunday School has the potential to instill many life lessons within participants. While Sunday School is voluntary, growth as a follower of Christ is not optional. Sunday School, over a period of years, teaches many lessons about the Old Testament and New Testament; about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; about God's ways and will; about living as God's people in the world; and so much more. On top of that Sunday School offers important lessons in caring for people, relationships, evangelism, and worship.  We welcome our new and returning students to the 2014/2015 school year.

Sunday School Schedule
Sunday, 9/7/149:30am First Sunday School class begins.
Sunday, 9/21/149:30am Sunday School Class
Sunday, 9/28/149:30am Church Music (ages 7 & up )
Sunday, 10/5/149:30am Sunday School Class
Friday, 10/10/146:30 pm Entertainment Night for the Sunday School
Sunday, 10/19/149:30am Sunday School Class
Sunday, 10/26/149:30am Church Music
Sunday, 11/2/149:30am Sunday School Class
Sunday, 11/16/149:30am Sunday School Class
Sunday, 11/30/149:30am Church Music
Sunday, 12/7/149:30am Sunday School Class
Sunday, 12/14/14"Give and Receive" Christmas Party: a visit from Santa Following Liturgy
Tuesday, 12/24/145:30pm Christmas Eve Service
Sunday, 1/4/159:30am Sunday School Class
Sunday, 1/18/159:30am Sunday School Class - Godparent Sunday
Sunday, 1/25/159:30am Church Music
Sunday, 2/1/159:30am Sunday School Class
Sunday, 2/8/159:30am Sunday School Class
Sunday, 2/22/159:30am Church Music
Sunday, 3/1/159:30am Sunday School Class- Sunday of Orthodoxy
Sunday, 3/15/159:30am Sunday School Class: Children Confession following Liturgy
Sunday, 3/29/159:30am Church Music
Sunday, 4/5/159:30am Sunday School Class
Thursday, 4/9/15Time:6:00 Holy Thursday: Boys: Washing of the Feet Service
Friday, 4/10/15Time:TBA Good Friday: Girls: Myrrh Bearing Women, tossing rose petals during the procession
Saturday, 4/11/159:00am Children's Easter Service: Coffee Hour and Egg Hunt
Sunday, 5/3/159:30am Sunday School Class
Sunday, 5/17/159:30am Sunday School Class
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